Website Development

Our team has you covered from starting a new site from scratch or moving an existing site to a new hosting solution to Content Management System (CMS) development and providing ongoing maintenance. We have experience with every step; including crucial backup of databases as well as your entire website onto a remote location.

We also have experience with Version Control Software (CVS) including the creation and maintenance of private repositories on GitHub for various sites.

Full Lamp Engineers

We have ongoing, multiple year experience creating, configuring, and maintaining Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with all the major providers such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Linode, Azure, Rackspace.

Our team can also provide support for Domain Name System (DNS) configuration (including with Cloudflare) domain registration, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification purchasing and installation.

Our site configuration service also includes advice and assistance with setting up automatic backups for your website and databases.

Drupal Customization

Our team has extensive experience with Drupal 7 & 8; including moving client data from other CMS such as Jooma, WordPress and QuickBooks. This includes using modules (Feeds) as well as doing the custom import of data from a custom database. Whatever feature or service you require, our team can do it in Drupal without hacking the core. This allows our clients to perform site updates via normal drush methods. We have done customizations via custom modules, custom rules, and custom themes.

PDF Rendering

Our team can provide custom PDF rendering of forms too complex for the normal print module in Drupal. This includes on-the-spot rendering of data such invoices as well as static data stored for appraisals. We also schedule jobs to render 200+ page PDFs that include graphs, Hi-Resolution images, and data tables.

Email Campaigns

Our team can help you with setting up your email host, configuring emails for your custom domain, as well as sending emails out via Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. We have multiple years of experience with formatting email templates for both.

Secure ECommerce

We have experience with making sure our clients are meeting their appropriate level of PCI DSS 3.0 SAQ. With team members who have experience working the data centers of banks, to working for gateway credit processing, we understand and can advise you on how to make sure you are doing business securely.  For the basics of making sure your site is using https, to the more advance practice of doing your own SAQ.

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